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Environmental Management And Conservation Practices

When we consider access to food, clothes and shelter is our birthright, then conserving environment, nature and wildlife is equally our constitutional right.

Welcome to Environmental Management Assistance (Pty) Ltd. One of the best and innovative young company striving to improve environmental management practices across all the parts of southern Africa. We assist and coordinate with the private and public sectors in maintaining the eco-friendly environment through the environmental management specialist services and training. Our overriding objective is to improve environmental management and conservation management practices through assisting in planning, assessing risk, advising, ensuring compliance with the Environmental Legislation, auditing and training.


At Environmental Management Assistance (Pty) Ltd, we have a team of experienced professionals from the Environmental Management (terrestrial and marine) and Conservation fields who are dedicated and devoted to assisting you with any environmental related tasks.

Our ultimate vision is to make sure that our service levels are of the highest standards to uphold integrity of the environment and to build customer relationships. What we diligently aim for is professionalism, quality, efficiency, honesty, up to date knowledge, and above all, a long lasting business relationship.

We at EM Assistance will ensure that our mission is always at the forefront of the company and we never lose focus of our vision and mission.

We provide Conservation and Wildlife Management terrestrial services. The current legislation requires a number of management plans when dealing with game and conservation important species and areas. At EM Assistance we pride ourselves in developing plans to comply with the legal requirements in all fields across the conservation and game farm management spectrum.

Our Marine and Coastal Environmental Management includes our relentless dedication to getting to know our clients and become familiar with their operations in order to provide a quality service that is more suited to their needs and requirements. In essence, marine specialist services will be personlaized to suit our clients' requests.

In the process of developing and constructing an entity, a number of activities on site affect the environment, and as a result, the plans often become subject to change. The new plans must be evaluated to ensure it does not cause additional damage to the environment, and that the new potential damage or changes (anthropogenic influences) do not cause the development to become non-compliant with environmental legislation. At EM Assistance we offer consultations and services to make sure that our clients remain compliant throughout the construction.

At Environmental Management Assistance, we have highly trained professionals from the environmental legal field, Environmental Compliance field and air, soil, waste and marine specialist fields. The team of well-equipped trainers (including SETA qualified professionals) sees to it that the training courses conducted by EM Assistance are relevant, current, up-to date and practical. The courses offered are directed to developers, construction workers, government organisations, NGOs and Environmental Consultants. Courses include Environmental control Officer training, Environmental 0fficer training, Environmental compliance awareness, Erosion Management, Environmental awareness training, Air quality and Environmental Conservation compliance.

Get in touch with us on 076 398 2391 or reach us though email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and find out more about our organization.